Reflexology is an alternative way to achieve good health.

Reflexes in the feet & hands correspond to every part, gland and organ of the body. Through application of gentle pressure on these reflexes in a precise and systematic way, it relieves tension, improves circulation and relieves/removes acute and chronic pain, balance the body to be able to heal most ills and excellent relaxation. Reflexology is frequently the complementary therapy of choice in cancer treatment, rehabilitation centers, nursing homes and hospice settings. 

Get Rubbed the Right Way


What to Expect During Your Reflexology Session
What Do I Wear?
You should dress in very comfortable clothes, preferably a t-shirt and elastic-waist comfy shorts or sweatpants. You will be reclining in my anti-gravity (very comfortable) chair with a pillow under you lower legs and a blanket if needed.

Foot Reflexology applies pressure to the reflex points on your bare Feet and ankles. It may also include work on the lower legs to relieve tension and pain around or in the calf or shins. The Feet are an excellent starting point to work the entire body. Many clients state, “It’s like a total body massage through the feet”.  

Hands~ fora session on the Hands is also available as part of the hour session or a ½ hour on just your hands and arms. If your hands are engaging in repetitive movements it can affect not only your hands, but your arms, elbows, shoulders, back, neck and eventually your entire body. 

To begin I will implement a Reiki “balancing period” and at the end Reiki “energy sealing and flow session”. This modality balances the flow of your energy to assist you in healing. Some will feel a tingling or warming others feel nothing, which ever happens the results will be the same, an Energy Balance.

Being a nutritionist and herbalist I will also help you inside and out to be the best you can be. As I find any issues I will ask questions and suggest a way to resolve them, some points may be quite tender~ please let me know if these points are sensitive. It is important to work these points out so your body can receive the most benefits from the session, but pain is not part of the reflexology way.  Breathe deeply to assist in releasing the tensions in these points.

Or we can have a quiet relaxing session which many may fall into a deep relaxing asleep.

Reflexology works on people of all ages, from the just born to the very old, everyone can benefit.

During Your Session
Everyone’s body is unique and has its own experience. Most people experience body parts relaxing and releasing tensions, as blockages and tensions are released through the meridians (energy channels of the body) you feel warmth or tingles as the flow improves. More blood and energy is flowing through your body helping your body recover more quickly.

Many people experience a deep state of peace and tranquility near the end of their session.  You may even fall into a deep relaxing sleep.  Enjoy! Your parasympathetic system is on full throttle and you can receive the regenerative health benefits.

 After Your Session
Often people will feel deeply relaxed and mildly euphoric.  At this time please continue to increase your water intake to continue to flush toxins out of your body.  Please drink 64oz. (8 full cups), 2 quarts of pure water every day. The more water the better, since toxins are being eliminated. You also may experience more energy than usual the next day. If you are more tired, get extra sleep.  Some people experience sinus drainage the day after a session. This is perfectly normal and means your body is cleansing.

All sessions can be performed in any location you choose. I have an office in Green Bay one in Brillion, WI. I also do house calls. I work with businesses for staff or client appreciation days, on site. And I periodically work Wellness Fairs throughout NW Wisconsin.  I have also do holiday and birthday parties; just about any event.
At events/parties I charge $10 for15 minutes or the regular rate.
 My basic appointment rates are ½ hour = $30 or 1 hour = $50. Call for event discount rate.

To make an appointment please call; (920)370-0313 or email me at Also check out for more information.

529 S Jefferson Street, Green Bay and 8471 Church Street in Brillion. Call Today !!!