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These remedies are not pharmaceuticals and are not approved by the FDA.

Nature’s Magick: Comfrey Healing Salve is best for healing wounds and bruises. Not recommended for large open gaping wounds until after stitches are applied.

Comfrey Anti-Inflammatory Salve is great for sprains and any inflamed tissue. Comfrey Salve Thieves works well for fungal issues.
Always check with your veterinarian. All Nature’s Magick Salves are used as part of the healing process and a professional should be consulted. This product must be used with caution. Smaller animals may not fair well with all of the natural ingredients.

Comfrey for Animals
Comfrey is a well-known herb in the Borage family, popular with gardeners making their own compost, and useful as first-aid for our companion animals. Comfrey is perhaps best known through the centuries for the  ability to support the healing of bone fractures. This is reflected in the common name “knitbone”.

Beneficial Uses of Comfrey
Herbs with this quality are called demulcent herbs and are traditionally used to soothe and moisten inflamed, dry skin. Comfrey also contains tannins and so is a useful mild astringent, helping to stop minor bleeds and dry weeping wounds. In addition, Comfrey helps wounds to heal by speeding up the regeneration of skin and other tissues. This is a very useful quality especially where an animal has experienced a trauma resulting in wounds, sprains or strains, bruising or even a bone fracture.

Characteristics of Comfrey
Comfrey Salve has anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal and analgesic properties. This single herb plays various roles; it works as a Vulnerary (healing wounds), Haemostatic (blood clotting), Proliferant (increase growth of cells), astringent (compress blood vessels and pores on the skin), Anodyne (pain relief), coolant and a sedative.

Comfrey is most commonly used as a poultice or transformed into a salve which makes it a valuable tool and easy to apply. Hold it in place with a light bandage if necessary and replace frequently until the wound has healed, if possible. Use salve lightly if unable to bandage. The salves are non-toxic but should not be ingested due to stomach /intestinal upset.

Our Animals


~ "A co-worker,  gave me a jar of your salve to try. I  have to admit that I thought it was a bit hard to believe that anything could be that effective. Last month while traveling I filed my knuckle while trimming my horses feet. Quite a painful injury. I used the salve an I couldn't believe it was gone in 2 days!
That was wonderful enough, but I am really writing to suggest that you consider marketing for horse injuries. My horse developed very painful rubs from her saddle. While looking for information on line I came across an article that recommended a comfrey poultice.
I thought of your salve and tried it. I treated her night, morning and again at night after only three treatments the smaller area was healed. I treated the other spot again a few days later and it is nearly gone. Had I known it would work this well I would have taken photos.

I have applied it to another horse with a saddle sore last week end and after one treatment the area was noticeably smaller.I just wanted to make the suggestion."      Thanks! Happy Trails        ~Patty