This salve has a combination of many herbs & oils that have shown results in assisting in recovery from Neuropathy numbness and pain as well as arthritis & rheumatism symptoms. Apply at least three times daily to painful area until resolved. External use only. This salve may cause tingling to occur to previously numb/painful areas.


"Thank you! Thank you! For letting me try your salve! It was so weird at first and I wasn't sure it was doing anything, then I felt areas that I haven't felt for a long time. It's still somewhat numb, but the pain is gone and I'm going to continue to use your salve and see how much better I can get. Thank you!"   -Carrie P.

 Neuro-Relief Salve

These remedies are not pharmaceuticals and are not approved by the FDA.

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Gentle use of a roller daily, on areas of numbness, increases the effectiveness of salve. Every person is an individual and the length in using this salve varies due to the amount and type of neuropathy and/or pain.
Comfrey Neuro-Relief Salve-along with a healthy diet and avoiding foods that contribute to this issue, exercise and positive mental state you can greatly reduce or eliminate numbness and pain.
Discontinue if redness or new pain occur on areas of applied salve.