~Cathy - "Unbelievable lip balm! I purchased one of your “sore lip” balms for my huge painful cold sore, applied it ... the next morning never knew I had one! There was just a bit of red when I looked in the mirror. Can’t get over it. Never had such a great product- you have a customer for life! "          -Jean H

~Comfrey Healing Sore Lip Balm~

Natural peppermint flavor. Great for protecting and healing all lip issues. With its natural anti-viral and anti-bacterial natural properties it works wonders on cold sores and other lip concerns.

~Comfrey Healing Magick Balm~

Natural citrus flavor. Great for routine lip maintenance & for dry cracked lips. Naturally softens, moisturizes & protects lips with all the Magick of Nature.

~Comfrey Healing Grapefruit Balm~

Natural grapefruit flavor. Keeps lips moist and soft protecting the delicate skin. The scent of grapefruit has been known to curb your appetite, yet refreshing.

These remedies are not pharmaceuticals and are not approved by the FDA.


~"I Love Your LIP BALM!! I used the “Magick” one…I Love the Citrus flavor and it works so very WOW! Better than any other one I have ever tried! Awesome ! thank you!"             -Sara Z

Comfrey Healing Lip Balms

~~~“Lip heaven, I will only buy YOUR lip balms from now on- Awesome stuff! Always had lip issues this time of year, not this year! At all! Can’t believe it- there is real “Nature’s Magick” in those balms of yours! Thanks so much!"           ---Beth  K

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~~"Love the Balms! Had icky crusty lips most of this bitter winter but your lip Magick worked wonders almost instantly! Now my boyfriend says I have “kissy lips” again. Kisses to you and your lip balms!!" -Sahra J “