~~~“Lip heaven, I will only buy YOUR lip balms from now on- Awesome stuff! Always had lip issues this time of year, not this year! At all! Can’t believe it- there is real “Nature’s Magick” in those balms of yours! Thanks so much!"           ---Beth  K

~~"Love the Balms! Had icky crusty lips most of this bitter winter but your lip Magick worked wonders almost instantly! Now my boyfriend says I have “kissy lips” again. Kisses to you and your lip balms!!" -Sahra J “


~Cathy - "Unbelievable lip balm! I purchased one of your “sore lip” balms for my huge painful cold sore, applied it ... the next morning never knew I had one! There was just a bit of red when I looked in the mirror. Can’t get over it. Never had such a great product- you have a customer for life! "          -Jean H

Comfrey Healing Lip Balms

These remedies are not pharmaceuticals and are not approved by the FDA.

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~"I Love Your LIP BALM!! I used the “Magick” one…I Love the Citrus flavor and it works so very WOW! Better than any other one I have ever tried! Awesome ! thank you!"             -Sara Z

~Comfrey Healing Sore Lip Balm~

Natural peppermint flavor. Great for protecting and healing all lip issues. With its natural anti-viral and anti-bacterial natural properties it works wonders on cold sores and other lip concerns.

~Comfrey Healing Magick Balm~

Natural citrus flavor. Great for routine lip maintenance & for dry cracked lips. Naturally softens, moisturizes & protects lips with all the Magick of Nature.