Comfrey Healing Salve

~ used to heal problems, such as eczema, cuts, sprains, strains and bruises, broken bones, damaged joints and tissue, arthritis and rheumatism, burns, acne and most skin conditions.

~Naturally softens, moisturizes, heals and protects lips with all the  Magick of Nature. 

The Most Popular Products:

Comfrey is the Healing Base of All of The Salves>

Comfrey Anti-Inflammatory

~used for bruises, sprains and strains, muscle aches, leg and joint aches, rheumatic pain, inflammation from sports injuries & edema

Comfrey Salve Thieves

~Influenza (Flu) & colds, Bronchitis, Head and lung congestion, Immune support, Toenail or Finger Fungus, Insect bites, Acne, Headaches & Massage.

Comfrey Healing Lip Balms

These remedies are not pharmaceuticals and are not approved by the FDA.

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~"Hi Cathy: Marvin said this morning he hasn’t felt this good in 2 months. Thinks it’s the salve. What a nice change of pace, thank you."-Deb

~~"Dear Cathy, Thank you thank you. One more story I have to share. I dropped one of the jars of salve off to an employee last night, young daughter, hurt her shoulder and ankle was in a sling over the weekend, couldn’t touch it. Used it last night, pain gone. She was so happy, thank you." -Debbie